Summer SPECIAL starting at $120.00

* FREE Rain Guard Application $60.00 Value
* Interior/Exterior Windows Cleaned
* Screens Cleaned
* Mild Hard Water Removed

Size of Home Exterior Only Interior/Exterior together Hard Water Removed Rain Guard
1,500-2,300 sq ft $89.00 $120.00 Call for pricing Included
2,301-3,200 sq ft $120.00 $160.00 Call for pricing Included
3,201-4,200 sq ft $140.00 $180.00 Call for pricing Included
4,201-4,600 sq ft $160.00 $210.00 Call for pricing Included
* Prices subject to change based on difficulty
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Need window washing services? Residential window washing? Window cleaning services?... why spend your time cleaning windows when we can?

Window cleaning Services is our business. It's what we do (and we do a lot of it) and we're really good at it. So why spend the time you could use honing your own skills doing something as mundane as cleaning? Let us give you the freedom to pursue your dreams while we earn your respect as Utah's best residential window washing service!

Hiring professional window cleaning services is actually an incredibly economical idea! We're able to get done twice as much window cleaning in half the time, which means it would take you four times as long to clean your house as it takes us! With our competitive rates, we're saving you time and money!


Utah Window Cleaning uses Water Fed Pole Cleaning, which is on the cutting edge of window cleaning technology. A water fed pole system uses either deionized water filtration or a reverse osmosis water treatment system in order to produce 100% pure water. When applied to your glass, the result is a sparkling clean window every time. These filtration processes are completely environmentally friendly, and use no chemicals or detergents.

Pure water dries to a spot free finish as the window is left completely clean with nothing for dirt particles to adhere to.


The absence of sticky soap residue on your windows means that dirt will find it harder to stick to the glass, and so the windows stay cleaner for longer. Quite frankly, deionized water gives much better cleaning results.


* Less residue from soaps
* Less time spent cleaning windows
* More money in your pockets!
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Our water fed pole system can be used to clean awnings, signs, store fronts, guttering, garage doors, etc. Additionally, we can also access areas that might have proven too difficult or even impossible to reach from a ladder.


We're a family-owned and -operated business – always have been, always will be. We've made clean windows of every variety – from residential to industrial sites – our life's work. Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you.